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gsbNF  longvariable (: default)



Variables can be used in various dialogs and are replaced at runtime by the actual values:

Variable Description

Variable Description Remark
$(LEV.DATE) Date and time of the last event YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
$(LEV.TIME) Time of the last event hh:mm:ss
$(EVT.AST) Displays all active actions.  
$(EVT.EST.SELECTED) Displays all active events.  
$(EVT.EST.ACTIVATED) Displays the event that has triggered an alarm.  
$(EVT.VATIMESTAMP) Time of the last alarm acknowledgement.  
$(FPR.FRM) The unique image number of every digitized image since the camera has been rebooted.  
$(FPR.ENO) Event number  
$(FPR.TIMESTAMP) Date and Time YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.msec
$(ID.MAC) MAC address of the network interface  
$(ID.FIP) Factory default IP address of the camera  
$(ID.NAM) Host name of the camera  
$(ID.ET0) Current IP address of the camera  
$(ID.SWV) Software version of the camera  
$(ID.UPT) Operating time of the camera since the last reboot in seconds  
$(SEN.SIN) State of the signal input  
$(SEN.BTR) State of the right camera key  
$(SEN.BTL) State of the left camera key  
$(SEN.PIR) PIR level in percent  
$(SEN.MIC) Microphone level in percent  
$(SEN.ILR) Illumination level of the right lens in percent  
$(SEN.ILL) Illumination level of the left lens in percent  
$(SEN.VIM) Number of the triggered motion window  
$(SEN.TIN.CELSIUS) Internal camera temperature in degrees Celsius  
$(SEN.TIN.FAHRENHEIT) Internal camera temperature in degrees Fahrenheit  


Additional Possibilities for Creating Dynamic Text

Apart from the variables listed above, you can also use Placeholders for Dynamic Image Text.

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