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gsbNF  Starting the camera

Camera Start-up


Generally, the camera starts automatically as soon as it is supplied with power.

In order to manipulate the camera at start-up, use the keys on the front of the camera. You can start the camera either using the factory default settings (default IP address) or with DHCP support to obtain a dynamic IP address. When you use DHCP support, the IP address and other network data is announced automatically as a voice message.

The camera keys are labeled by capital letters:

Note: When you use the camera keys to load a configuration, this configuration is not automatically saved. Upon restarting the camera without using the camera keys, the configuration last saved will be used.

Starting the Camera Using DHCP

Upon startup, the camera tries to obtain an address from a DHCP server on your local network.

When the startup is completed, the camera automatically announces its IP address, its network mask and its MAC address.

Note: If you would like to have a running camera repeat its network settings, simply press the R key once.

Starting the Camera Using the Factor Default Settings

You would like to start the camera using the factory default network configuration.

The camera is accessible again using the factory default settings.

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