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JPEG Settings


Open the JPEG Settings dialog to activate MxPEG, define the JPEG quality and set other options for the camera's JPEG images.


Description of Parameters

Parameters Description

When you enable MxPEG, the camera creates a stream using MOBOTIX' own video compression scheme. MxPEG allows for large-format live videos at extremely low network load (1% at 100 Mbps).

For viewing and storing the stream, you need MxPEG Viewer for Windows. You can download the application directly from this camera.

Find the latest version of MxPEG Viewer on the MOBOTIX homepage.

JPEG Quality Select the image quality of the JPEG image.
Values: 10 .. 90 %
The factory default setting is 70%.
JPEG Window You can specify a section of the image area to be transferred.
JPEG Comment User

Enter your own text which is stored as comment in the header of every JPEG file.


  • The comment will not be visible in the image itself. For entering visible text, open the Text and Display Settings dialog.
  • The comment is limited to 64 characters.
JPEG Comment Text (CT) Text messages received by the serial interface can be integrated in the header of a JPEG image. You can reserve up to 16 characters for the comment.

Store the Configuration

Click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the camera is rebooted.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

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