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gsbNF  Abbreviations used in the MOBOTIX camera

Abbreviations Used in the MOBOTIX Camera


The shortcuts (also called 'image symbols') listed in the table below are displayed at the bottom edge of the camera images. They inform you about camera events, actions and messages.

This is true not only for Live images but for stored images and event stories as well. For example, using the shortcuts displayed in the Player images, you can identify the lens that has triggered the storage of an image or event story.

BT A key on the camera's front has been pressed.
CI RS232 message received via the serial interface.
CL ISDN Call Action
CT Text message received via the serial interface. The text message is included in the JPEG comment.
DY Day lens active
EC Event Counter
EM E-Mail Action
EM2 Send second email
FS Storing Images on File Server
FT File Transfer Action
IL Light intensity
IP IP Notify
IR Signal by an IR remote control
IS ISDN transfer error
MI Microphone
NI Night lens active
OA Obscure image areas
OT Object tracing
PE Periodic Event
PI PIR Detector
RC IP Receive
SB Soft Button
SD Sound on Event
SI Signal Input
SO Signal Output
SP Stop Actions
ST Store images in the camera's RAM
TP Temperature
TT Time Task
UC User click
VA Visual alarm
VM Video Motion Detector

See also: Open Help in the Text & Display Settings dialog.

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