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E-Mail Profiles


Open the E-Mail Profiles dialog to create and manage profiles for automatically sending images in emails.

You need to create at least one profile that you can select in the Time Tasks or Messaging dialogs for sending images via email.

Using the MOBOTIX Camera for Sending E-Mails

The MOBOTIX camera can send images via email to recipients to report e.g. unauthorized access to a specific area.

You may define one or multiple email profiles. Every email profile contains all the information required to send emails to one address. The transfer can be triggered either by a task defined in the Time Tasks dialog or by an event defined in the Messaging dialog

You can either enter any text and/or use predefined variables, as described in Examples for Dynamic Text in Subject Lines.

Creating Profiles

For each profile, set the following parameters in the E-Mail Profiles dialog:

Option Parameters
Profile name

Enter a unique profile name.

You can select stored profiles in the Time Tasks and Messaging dialogs, in order to send emails time or event-controlled, respectively.

Receiver Address (To)

Enter the recipient's address to which the email will be sent.

Example: myname@myaddress.com

Sender Address (From)

Enter the sender's (valid!) address. Otherwise, the email cannot be sent.

Example: myname@mycompany.com

Reply Address (Reply-To) When an error occurs, the email will be sent to this address. Normally, you would enter the address of either your administrator or a camera user.
E-Mail Host (SMTP host)

IP address or name of the email server. Your Internet provider or administrator will provide this information.

Make sure that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The Ethernet Interface, and the Gateway in particular need to be configured correctly.
  • When using a symbolic name (e.g. ftp.myserver.com), you have to specify a DNS server in the Ethernet Interface dialog.
  • Your LAN's firewall has to be configured in a way that the camera is allowed to send emails.
Subject This text is displayed in the email's subject line.

Activate this option to delete a profile. The profile will be deleted as soon as you click on the Set button in the lower part of the dialog.

Note: This option is displayed only if at least one profile has been created before.

Examples for Dynamic Text in Subject Lines

Using variables and placeholders, the camera can dynamically integrate information into the emails it is sending out.

Scenario 1 The IP address that the camera obtained from a DHCP server should be visible in the subject.
Definition of subject line $(id.nam): Event=$(fpr.eno) IP=$(ID.ET0)
$(id.nam) Name of the camera
$(fpr.eno) Event number:
$(ID.ET0) IP address that the camera obtained from a DHCP server


Scenario 2 In an outdoor setting, the state of the signal input (external sensor) should be visible in the email subject line.
Definition of subject line $(id.nam): Internal PIR=$(SEN.PIR)% Signal Input=$(SEN.SIN)
$(id.nam) Name of the camera
$(SEN.PIR) Internal PIR level in percent
$(SEN.SIN) State of the signal input

Authentication for Sending E-Mails

This kind of authentication is possible from software version M1-V1.8.8. However, the parameters cannot be set using menus (as of M1-V1.9.4), but have to be entered manually in the configuration file.

The following possibilities for authentication are supported:

The parameters will need to be added manually in the mail section of the configuration file.

In such a case, use the menu to create a fully qualified profile and then edit the configuration file by adding the required parameters to the profile definition (as in the samples below).

Authentication Options

AUTH=NONE No authentication
AUTH=PLAIN SMTP Auth user, with "\0" separating user and password
AUTH=LOGIN SMT Auth, just like interactively
AUTH=POP3 Authentication with POP3 server

Other Parameters

USER=<user name> User name (SMT Auth as well as POP3)
PASS=<password> Password (SMT Auth as well as POP3)
POP3=<name/ip address> Name or IP address of POP3 server
SMTP=<name/ip address> Name or IP address of SMTP server

The SMTP, POP3, USER and PASS parameters may also be defined as global parameters in separate lines at the beginning of the mail section. If these parameters are occurring within a profile, the profile parameters will overwrite the global ones.

Sample of a configuration file section (the order or parameters after the first colon ":" is of no importance; all parameters have to be in one line):

Line Entry
2 SMTP=smtp.mobotix.test
3 POP3=pop3.mobotix.test
4 PROFILE=NoAuth:RCPT=receiver@mobotix.test:ATTACH=img
5 PROFILE=WithAuth:RCPT=receiver@mobotix.test:ATTACH=img
6 PROFILE=WithPOP3:RCPT=receiver@mobotix.test:ATTACH=img

Store the Configuration

Click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the camera is rebooted.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

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