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Release Notes


These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes of this release of the MOBOTIX M1 network camera. Refer to News for a more general description of the release news in this help.

Changes in Software M1-V1.9.5.1

Version M1-V1.9.5.1 is an enhancement to version M1-V1.9.4 that incorporates a number of changes for using the camera in Japan. This software version does not provide any advantages compared to M1-V1.9.4 when used outside of Japan.

The following changes have been implemented:

Changes in Software M1-V1.9.4

The software version M1-V1.9.4 has been released in October 2003 for customer usage.

This description contains all changes from the last customer version M1-V1.9.0. Note, that this software version has been enhanced in some points.


General Remarks

Help, Information

Useability, Menus and Dialogs

Image Creation, Image Settings, Image Display


MxPEG is the MOBOTIX streaming format that produces image streams in JPEG quality, but requires very low bandwidth. To view the image stream, use the MxPEG_Viewer Windows® application.

Event and Action Management

Internal and External Image Storage

Audio Functions, ISDN Telephone Functions

Note: The Basic model does not have any audio capabilities. Cameras with less than 32 MB RAM, see the Restrictions for Older Camera Models section.



Factory Defaults

The following changes will only go into effect after a software update if the current configuration is reset to factory defaults.

Enhancements within M1-V1.9.4


Restrictions for Older Camera Models

The software version M1-V1.9.4 is running on all cameras with at least 64 MB RAM without any restrictions.

When updating older cameras with 32 MB (37,768 kB) RAM (see RAM size in Hardware and Release Information, some functions of this software version cannot be used. Also, some restrictions versus older versions of the software need to be considered:

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