MOBOTIX M1 ヘルプ 言語: default  


*   Functionality—Overview 
    Release Notes 
    Abbreviations used in the MOBOTIX camera 
    Acknowledgement with PIN, configuring 
    Action delay, configuring 
    Actions, filtering 
    Activating error messages in images 
    Activating, DHCP during boot process 
    Activating, Infrared detector 
    Activating, MxPEG 
    Activating, PIR detector 
    Activating, arming 
    Activating, night lens switch 
    Activating, object tracing 
    Activating, ring buffer 
    Activating, scheduled event 
    Activating, user click 
    Alarm e-mails, profiles for 
    Announcements using the camera 
    Arming, activating 
    Audio functions, microphone and loudspeaker 
    Audio messages, copying to other cameras 
    Audio messages, recording and managing 
    Audio messages, storing locally 
    Automatic contrast 
    Automatic time synchronization 
B   Bandwidth, saving by using MxPEG Viewer 
    Blue balance 
    Browser cache 
    Buttons, assigning functions to 
    Buttons, configuring 
C   CGI parameters of image.jpg 
    Cache, browser 
    Calculating the storage requirements for events 
    Camera MSN 
    Camera actions 
    Camera interface for the network, Ethernet 
    Camera interface, ISDN 
    Camera keys, configuring 
    Camera messages 
    Camera phone using ISDN 
    Camera remote control using telephone keys 
    Camera web server, HTTP ports 
    Camera, resetting during boot process 
    Camera, start options 
    Cameras, searching for using broadcast 
    Checking the software 
    Color profiles, selecting 
    Color saturation 
    Color settings 
    Commands, HTTP 
    Comments, adding to JPEG header 
    Comments, displaying in images 
    Compression scheme, MxPEG 
    Configuration file, editing 
    Configuration file, loading 
    Configuration file, saving 
    Configuration file, showing 
    Configuration, resetting to factory settings 
    Configuration, restoring from flash 
    Configuration, restoring using a schedule 
    Configuration, storing 
    Configuring, File Transfer Action 
    Configuring, IP notification 
    Configuring, IP notification on event 
    Configuring, IR remote control 
    Configuring, ISDN data dial-in/dial-out 
    Configuring, ISDN voice call on event 
    Configuring, LEDs 
    Configuring, Multi View screens 
    Configuring, RS-232 message 
    Configuring, Signal Out Action 
    Configuring, Visual Alarm 
    Configuring, action delay 
    Configuring, camera keys 
    Configuring, data dial-in/dial-out 
    Configuring, e-mail on event 
    Configuring, event deadtime 
    Configuring, exposure fields 
    Configuring, image sequence 
    Configuring, message deadtime 
    Configuring, microphone event 
    Configuring, motion detector (video) 
    Configuring, motion windows 
    Configuring, periodic event 
    Configuring, random event 
    Configuring, second IP address 
    Configuring, soft buttons 
    Configuring, sound on event 
    Configuring, stop actions 
    Configuring, telephone call on event 
    Configuring, temperature event 
    Configuring, video motion detector 
    Configuring, white balance 
    Confirming a call with a PIN code 
    Contrast, setting 
    Contrast, setting automatically 
    Control, time-based 
    Controlling other machines 
    Controlling the camera remotely using HTTP commands 
    Controlling the camera remotely using a telephone 
    Creating, new Multi View 
    Creating, users and passwords 
    Current color settings 
    Current exposure settings 
    Custom file format, transferring using FTP 
D   DHCP, activating 
    DHCP, activating during boot process 
    DNS server, setting 
    Data dial-in/dial-out, configuring 
    Date and time 
    Date and time, displaying in images 
    Day/night lens switch, activating 
    Deactivating the microphone irreversibly 
    Defining, exposure windows 
    Deleting all events 
    Deleting, users and passwords 
    Dial-in (data) into the camera, configuring 
    Dial-out (data) of the camera, configuring 
    Dial-out limit for ISDN 
    Disabling, LEDs 
    Disabling, camera LEDs 
    Displaying comments in images 
    Displaying text in images 
    Displaying the level meter 
    Displaying, date and time 
    Downloading all events 
    Dynamic IP address of the camera, obtaining during boot 
    Dynamic directory and file names, configuring for FTP 
    Dynamic image texts, placeholders for 
    Dynamic image texts, variables 
E   E-Mail, sending scheduled 
    E-mail on event, configuring 
    E-mail profiles 
    E-mail, profiles for sending 
    Edit configuration file 
    Entering image areas graphically 
    Entry page and language 
    Error messages in images, activating 
    Ethernet interface for the network 
    Ethernet, setting the DNS server 
    Ethernet, setting the gateway 
    Event control, using 
    Event deadtime, configuring 
    Event e-mails, profiles for 
    Event filter 
    Event settings 
    Event settings, general 
    Events with image sequence, filtering 
    Events, filtering using event counter 
    Example, event control 
    Example, filter 
    Exposure field, configuring 
    Exposure settings 
    Exposure times, setting 
    Exposure windows, defining 
    Expressions, regular 
    External file storage 
    External image storage 
F   FTP profiles 
    Factory defaults, restoring 
    Factory defaults, restoring during boot process 
    File Transfer Action, configuring 
    File server storage for images 
    File transfer on the LAN 
    File transfer using FTP 
    File update on web server, configuring 
    Filter, events 
    Filter, using 
    Filtering, actions 
    Filtering, events using event counter 
    Filtering, events with image sequence 
    Filtering, messages 
    Frames per second 
    Frames per second, setting 
G   GSM/modem, configuring 
    Gateway, data dial-out 
    Gateway, setting for Ethernet interface 
    General event settings 
    General image settings 
    HTTP commands 
    HTTP interface for remote-controlling the camera 
    HTTP ports of the camera's web server 
    Hardware and software information 
I   IP address of the camera, Ethernet 
    IP address of the camera, for ISDN 
    IP address, getting from DHCP server 
    IP notification on event, configuring 
    IP notification, configuring 
    IR remote control, configuring 
    ISDN Dial-Out Profiles 
    ISDN audio call on event, configuring 
    ISDN audio dial-in 
    ISDN camera phone 
    ISDN data dial-in/dial-out, configuring 
    ISDN interface 
    Image abbreviations used in the MOBOTIX camera 
    Image area, entering graphically 
    Image areas, obscuring 
    Image sequence, configuring 
    Image settings, JPEG 
    Image settings, color 
    Image settings, exposure 
    Image settings, general 
    Image settings, text and display 
    Image storage on the LAN 
    Image storage using FTP 
    Image symbols used in the MOBOTIX camera 
    Image texts, placeholders for dynamic 
    Image texts, using variables for dynamic 
    Images, mirroring 
    Information about hardware and software 
    Infrared detector, activating 
    Intercom mode after camera voice call, activating 
    Intercom using the camera 
    Interface for the network, Ethernet 
    Interface, GSM 
    Interface, ISDN 
    Interface, Modem 
    Interface, RS-232 
    Interface, mobile phone 
    Interface, serial 
    Internal image storage 
J   JPEG Quality, setting 
    JPEG header with text message from serial interface 
    JPEG header, adding comments to 
    JPEG settings 
    JPEG window, defining a section 
L   LAN, image storage 
    LEDs, configuring 
    Language and entry page 
    Level meter, displaying 
    Limit for dial-out using ISDN 
    Listen mode after camera voice call, activating 
    Listening into a room using the camera 
    Load configuration from file 
    Loading a software update file 
    Log file for external image storage 
    Logging onto the camera 
    Logon of camera at ISP 
    Loudspeaker and microphone 
    Loudspeaker, testing 
M   MSN of the camera 
    Managing soft buttons 
    Managing, FTP profiles 
    Managing, Multi View screens 
    Managing, Multi Views 
    Managing, cameras on the network 
    Managing, e-mail profiles 
    Managing, profiles for ISDN audio dial-out 
    Managing, scheduled tasks 
    Managing, users and passwords 
    Managing, voice messages 
    Matching patterns 
    Message deadtime, configuring 
    Messages, filtering 
    Messages, system 
    Microphone and loudspeaker 
    Microphone event, configuring 
    Microphone, deactivating irreversibly 
    Microphone, testing 
    Mirroring, images 
    Modem interface, configuring 
    Motion detector (video), configuring 
    Motion detector, graphically entering windows 
    Motion windows, configuring 
    Multi View screens, configuring 
    MxPEG Viewer 
    MxPEG, activating 
N   Network configuration 
    Night lens switch, activating 
O   Object tracing, activating 
    Obscure image areas, graphically entering windows 
    Obscuring, image areas 
    Options, MxPEG Viewer 
    Options, pages of the camera 
P   PIR detector, activating 
    Page options 
    Parameters of image.jpg, CGI 
    Passwords and users 
    Pattern matching 
    Periodic event, configuring 
    Phone call, scheduled 
    Phone number for data dial-out 
    Placeholders for dynamic image texts 
    Placeholders, for FTP profiles 
    Ports, web server of the camera 
    Power line frequency, setting 
    Profiles for ISDN call-out 
    Profiles, FTP 
    Profiles, e-mail 
Q   Quad view, configuring 
    Quality of JPEG images, setting 
R   RS-232 interface, configuring 
    RS-232 message, configuring 
    Random event, configuring 
    Receive text via the serial interface 
    Recording images using MxPEG Viewer 
    Recording, voice messages 
    Red balance 
    Regular expressions 
    Remote control using HTTP commands 
    Remote control using a telephone 
    Remote-controlling MxPEG Viewer 
    Remote-controlling other machines 
    Reoccurring tasks 
    Reset to factory settings while booting 
    Resetting the camera while booting 
    Resetting the configuration to factory settings 
    Resetting the limit for dial-out using ISDN 
    Resolution, setting 
    Restoring the configuration from flash 
    Restoring the configuration to factory settings 
    Ring buffer, activating 
S   Save current configuration 
    Scheduled audio calls from the camera 
    Scheduled restoring of last configuration 
    Scheduled sending of e-mails 
    Scheduled tasks 
    Searching for cameras using broadcast 
    Second IP address, configuring 
    Serial interface 
    Serial terminal 
    Services, messages 
    Setting, date and time 
    Setting, exposure times 
    Setting, power line frequency 
    Settings, JPEG 
    Settings, color 
    Settings, contrast 
    Settings, events 
    Settings, exposure 
    Settings, general event settings 
    Settings, image 
    Settings, resolution 
    Settings, text and display 
    Shortcuts to functions 
    Show current configuration 
    Signal Input, switching 
    Signal Out Action, configuring 
    Signal output, testing 
    Signals of the camera, LEDs 
    Soft buttons, configuring 
    Software and hardware information 
    Software update 
    Software, verifying 
    Sound on event, configuring 
    Speak mode after camera voice call, activating 
    Speaker loudness, setting and testing 
    Starting the camera 
    Stop actions, configuring 
    Storage requirements for event, calculating 
    Store current configuration 
    Storing images externally (on a file server) 
    Storing on a file server (Linux, Windows) 
    Streams, recording locally using MxPEG Viewer 
    Switching off the microphone irreversibly 
    Symbols used in the MOBOTIX camera 
    System information 
    System messages 
    System, updating 
T   Tasks, run scheduled 
    Telephone call on event, configuring 
    Telephone call, scheduled 
    Telephone functions using ISDN 
    Telephone, using to control the camera 
    Temperature event, configuring 
    Terminal, serial 
    Testing the loudspeaker 
    Testing the microphone 
    Testing the signal output 
    Text & Display Settings 
    Text message, integrating in JPEG header via serial interface 
    Text, displaying in images 
    Text, displaying using variables 
    Time and date of local computer, copying to the camera 
    Time and date, setting 
    Time server, synchronizing the time 
    Time synchronization using a time server 
    Time task event, activating 
    Time tasks 
U   Updating the software 
    Updating, web pages 
    Uploading software 
    User click, activating 
    Users and passwords 
    Using event control 
    Using filters 
V   Variables 
    Variables, for FTP profiles 
    Variables, for image texts 
    Verifying the software 
    Version information 
    Video motion detector, configuring 
    Video motion detector, graphically entering windows 
    Videos, recording locally using MxPEG Viewer 
    Viewer, MxPEG 
    Viewing multiple cameras 
    Visual Alarm, configuring 
    Voice dial-in using a telephone 
    Voice messages, copying to other cameras 
    Voice messages, record and manage 
    Voice messages, storing locally 
    Voice notification via ISDN, profiles 
    Voice over IP using MxPEG Viewer 
W   Web pages, updating 
    Web server of the camera, HTTP ports 
    Web server, configuring file updates 
    Web terminal for RS-232 interface 
    Webcam images, updating 
    White balance, configuring 
    Window definitions, entering graphically 
    Windows, defining with the mouse 
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